Vitalic – OK Cowboy

February 11, 2010 at 3:28 am (Electronic, Songs)

Does this look like the cover to a sick early electro album?

Why is it that album covers so often do a terrible job of conveying what the music they represent actually sounds like?The cover to this Vitalic album, OK Cowboy, is one of the things that discouraged me from listening to it when it was first recommended to me years ago. From the cover and album title I’d guessed Vitalic was some kind of crappy turn-of-the-millennium garage rock band or something. What Vitalic actually sounds like, as I discovered yesterday when I finally gave it a spin, is something much better. Pick your cliche music journalist analogy:  early Ladytron or Daft Punk with a harder edge, Crystal Castles minus most of the vocals (though those that are there are just as machinic and fuzzed out) and the chip tune aesthetic, Black Moth Super Rainbow making dance music, etc. You probably get the idea: really dirty, aggressive synths, four-step house beats with rock drums, occasional guitar leads. It seems to find a sweet spot, being just repetitive enough to be pleasantly hypnotic but not so repetitive as to be boring like much minimalist dance music. However you describe it, this album will probably be in my top 50 of all time now. Check out a couple select tunes below.

Track 1:

Track 2:


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