Bear Hands – What A Drag

February 17, 2010 at 7:31 pm (Brooklyn crap, Songs, Uncategorized)

Kendra and I just heard this song while listening to Western Washington’s student station, KUGS (awesome
station by the way), and it was the best song I’d heard in days! Woah, BIG DEAL. Anyway, check it out. The band is from Brooklyn (yeah yeah, what else is new?), they’re called Bear Hands, and they wrote a song that’s a little mathy, has a really good, driving beat, and is pretty catchy. It sounds a little bit like early Tokyo Police Club, but a little more…mmm…Brooklyn?

Check out the mp3 at KEXP’s blog (yeah, I know, bad music blog etiquette, but this blog isn’t big enough yet where it’ll trash their bandwidth if I link):

Bear Hands – What A Drag

UPDATE: Now that I listen to this with better speakers I am sorry for calling it at all mathy. That guitar during the chorus somehow sounded a lot more interesting on crappy little TV speakers.


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