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Tomorrow night there is going to be an awesome show at Seattle’s Healthy Times Fun Club with:

(Amazing 17-person ensemble from Portland that puts on one of the most epic shows ever–I saw them at HTFC a couple years ago and it is one of the best shows I’ve ever been to)

Universal Studios Florida:

(blah blah “chillwave” blah blah blog blah blah whatever I’ve heard they’re really good live)

Last Slice of Butter:

(a fun noisy drum/guitar and bass duo; the drummer is my honors cohortmate Travis, also good live)

…and A SPECIAL GUEST. Who will it be? I have no idea. Fingers crossed for Beep Family Orchestra

$5 suggested donation, free vegan food, what more could you want? If you dont know where HTFC is then you can message or email me or ask your stupid hipster friends and you’ll figure it out!


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GHOSTWRIDAH – 305s n Heartbreak

April 25, 2010 at 12:07 pm (Hip Hop, Mixes, Songs)

This is kind of old news for anyone who’s really really into the mixtape scene, but I didn’t encounter it until the last week. It’s by this Florida chap called GhostWridah and it’s called 305s and Heartbreak. It’s a concept mix where each of the tracks, except for the opener, sample 808s and Heartbreak, but in pretty interesting ways: on some tracks he added instrumentation or even re-created the original beat and re-mixed it in interesting ways. It really gives you a new appreciation for how awesome some of Ye’s beats on 808s were, especially since GhostWridah has a super dope flow and doesn’t have any pretentions to being a pop singer (unlike, erm, Kanye).

If you are looking for a sample, check out the video embedded below; not only is the song great, but the video is a really good, elegant, and engaging piece of music videography.

Download 305s and Heartbreak

GhostWridah Myspace

Thanks to Derya fer hookin it up

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Hey, remember that sick jazz/post-(rock)-y band I blogged about a couple months ago called Speak? Well you can listen to basically the whole album now at their website. Not only that, but you can either purchase a physical copy of it with super sweet artwork (an edition of 400) or purchase a DRM-free digital copy for $6. That’s a pretty good deal. You can also now enjoy the music embedded right in this here blog without having to go anywhere! Which is pretty sweet because it’s probably going to be in my favorite albums for the year, so, like, I’m glad to share it with you for free and cheat the artist out of the money they totally deserve.

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April 22, 2010 at 1:18 am (Uncategorized)

Would be on my to-see-before-I-die list if doing so were still possible.

Full version (twice as long, with Everyday People!)

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Naomi Punk

April 20, 2010 at 5:43 pm (Uncategorized)


Anybody who’s been following me since the beginning knows that I gave Seattle group Naomi punk a shout out on my Wireless Bollinger favorite-albums-of-the-year list. Naomi Punk write raucous, gritty, verbed-out rock with a lot of wordless hooed and hummed melodies. They’ve been playing around Seattle for a while and have started garnering some attention; from what I hear Damien Jurado’s a big fan. They released their first album a while ago (see the link below) and are working on their second as you read this. Unfortunately most of the people who have blogged Naomi Punk have posted the last track on the album, which is a recording of a Rwandan children’s choir with added instrumentation. While it’s cool it doesn’t represent what NP usually sound like for the most part. To remedy this I’ve posted that track and the bangin’ opener to their album, Shouldna Started Trouble, below. Enjoy and know that, when they totally blow the fuck uppppp you heard it on Bs&Ms first.

Naomi Punk Myspace

Buy the album

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April 19, 2010 at 4:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Forgiveness Rock Record

RIGHT NOW you can stream the new Broken SocialScene record over at NPR’s website! If you’re as big a fan as I am then you’ve been eagerly awaiting this for, like, five years! Thanks NPR!

Oh, yeah, you can also stream the new Hold Steady album too, which is kinda cool I guess.

via pitchfork

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Feist – 1234 (VanShe Tech Remix)

April 18, 2010 at 9:18 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m not a big fan of VanShe, the Australian electro-rock group, but they have a couple female fans/business partners/I don’t even know what who make some pretty sick remixes. This is their remix of Feist’s classic 1234. Now, even if you didn’t like the original that much, give this one a try–it’s a lot less cute and a lot more bangin’. If you have feet it will make you want to dance.

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Where I’ve been and some illectro

April 3, 2010 at 7:19 am (Uncategorized)

Hey everyone. Maybe you were wondering where I went. Since we last spoke I dealt with the most intense quarter of school ever, disengaged from the world, and spent a week and a half in Alberta, Canada (and over 50 hours on buses to and from), and started a hectic new quarter. In short, I been buuuusssyyy. But now I’m back and I should have time to update you with amazing music I think you should hear at least somewhat regularly!

Today I’ll hook you up with my first publicly-available DJ mix which I first released way back in November or December. It’s called The Illectro Sessions – Vol. 1. Why is it called this? Because it’s part of a series of mixes (or at least a planned series of mixes…work on vol. 2 is going reeeeallll slow because I’ve been soooo busy) that try to explore the intersection between hip hop, pop music, and electro that don’t include bullshit like David Guetta. I hope you enjoy it! Tracklist below.

The Illectro Sessions vol. 1

1. Beyonce – Diva (Fn Danny Boy Remix)

2. Paul Anthony and ZXX –┬áHustlin’

3. Cypress Hill – Insane in the Membrane (2 Bit Thugs Remix)

4. Aniki – Dope Girl

6. Destroy Disco – But I Aint’

7. Tittsworth – WTF (Nadastrom’s On Drugs Remix)

8. Deviant Sound System – Jump

9. ┬áDylan Holhausen – Lalala (Mini K Remix)

10. Daft Punk – Technologic (Kids in the Hall Remix)

11. Kelevra and Mikey Dalton – It’s a Party, YO

12. Foamo – Movin’ It Over Here

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