Naomi Punk

April 20, 2010 at 5:43 pm (Uncategorized)


Anybody who’s been following me since the beginning knows that I gave Seattle group Naomi punk a shout out on my Wireless Bollinger favorite-albums-of-the-year list. Naomi Punk write raucous, gritty, verbed-out rock with a lot of wordless hooed and hummed melodies. They’ve been playing around Seattle for a while and have started garnering some attention; from what I hear Damien Jurado’s a big fan. They released their first album a while ago (see the link below) and are working on their second as you read this. Unfortunately most of the people who have blogged Naomi Punk have posted the last track on the album, which is a recording of a Rwandan children’s choir with added instrumentation. While it’s cool it doesn’t represent what NP usually sound like for the most part. To remedy this I’ve posted that track and the bangin’ opener to their album, Shouldna Started Trouble, below. Enjoy and know that, when they totally blow the fuck uppppp you heard it on Bs&Ms first.

Naomi Punk Myspace

Buy the album


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