GHOSTWRIDAH – 305s n Heartbreak

April 25, 2010 at 12:07 pm (Hip Hop, Mixes, Songs)

This is kind of old news for anyone who’s really really into the mixtape scene, but I didn’t encounter it until the last week. It’s by this Florida chap called GhostWridah and it’s called 305s and Heartbreak. It’s a concept mix where each of the tracks, except for the opener, sample 808s and Heartbreak, but in pretty interesting ways: on some tracks he added instrumentation or even re-created the original beat and re-mixed it in interesting ways. It really gives you a new appreciation for how awesome some of Ye’s beats on 808s were, especially since GhostWridah has a super dope flow and doesn’t have any pretentions to being a pop singer (unlike, erm, Kanye).

If you are looking for a sample, check out the video embedded below; not only is the song great, but the video is a really good, elegant, and engaging piece of music videography.

Download 305s and Heartbreak

GhostWridah Myspace

Thanks to Derya fer hookin it up


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